Please write first name and last initial.

I pledge to support our students and the professionals who support our students - Jim H.
I pledge to help the community by volunteering whenever I can- Michelle W.
...to teach that today is history-in-the-making and choices matter!! - Ms. Grady
I pledge to be a model student, and be an example for others.-JB
I pledge to pick up trash.-Shane T
I pledge to be the best that I can be and be an example to both teachers and friends. -Chelsea L.
I pledge to use paper instead of plastic bags.-Ms.B
I pledge to protect hurt or orphaned animals.-Dan B
I pledge to plant more fruits and veg. to share.-Ms.MacC
I pledge to walk instead using a fourwheeler. -Ashley G
I pledge to walk more.-mike.G
I pledge to teach my children to use less water.Ms.H
I pledge to be more respectful to people. Tim
I pledge to tell my daddy to take short showers. Cole.S
I pledge to help my grandmother in the garden when spring comes. Ken W.
I pledge to remember to bring my cloth bags every time I go shopping. Ms.R
I pledge to help my friends more NSP
I pledge to be a less aggressive driver Mr H
I pledge to speak out when I see injustice Mr W
I pledge to do more volunteer work Marion J
I pledge to have more patience with my friends, colleagues and students. - Mr. Levine
I pledge to respect all people and help them in their time of need - Taylor
I pledge to read more, watch tv less - Jacob H.
I pledge to never throw away what I can use- I Hawkes
I pledge to help the elderly especially if they are in need.- K hartford
I pledge to help people understand that they ARE good enough.. - Sammy D.
I pledge to help the homeless get jobs and help them with food when they need food.-Tommie B.
I pledge to do my best in school each day.-Kassie B.
I pledge to reuse my plastic bottles.- Maddie C.
I pledge to recycle and help out the community more.- Annie B.